The Falling Façade

from by Plagueship



First song written for the album. Written like 4 years ago. Mad.

Music by John Richardson and SG Mikaelsson
Lyrics By John Richardson
Vocals By Jonathon Byrne
Terrible Terrible Cleans by John Richardson
Dancing by SG Mikaelsson


The Falling Façade

Your powerful words,
Once painted pictures,
but the colour, and meaning,
Dripping into the gutter.
Every moral message,
Every sentence you utter,
It's meaning revealed.
For every sentiment expressed,
There's a truth concealed.
This falling façade,
Slowly revealing,
The secrets you guard.

Layers of lies,
Falling away like a cliff face.
For one you claim to love,
You secretly disgrace.

I'm recoiling like a pistol,
Reeling from new information.
Beneath the benign smile,
This chasm of deprivation.

All pretence abandoned,
The nice guy image,
Discarded snake skin.
This falling façade,
Slowly revealing,
The secrets you guard.

The corpse of your integrity,
Displayed by your denial.
Waiting to, sentence you,
Dying start your trail.

Now we awkwardly,
This air stagnant,
With words longing, to be said.
My patience aflame,
I could just tell her,
I could kill it dead.

Weaving the same lies,
As those you chastise.
Committing the same crime,
As those you condemn.

John Richardson/Plagueship ©


from Shrykull, released September 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Plagueship Leeds, UK

Progressive/Extreme Metal
Messing with guitars in bedrooms around Leeds est 2012

Heavy as a cruise ship; catchy as the plague.

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