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First single from debut album "Shrykull"
Album to be released June 2016.

Guitars, lyrics, and song writing - John Richardson
Vocals, additional lyrics - Jonathan Byrne
Bass, additional writing, recording and related wizardry - SG Mikaelsson (
Guest Solo by Sam Butterfield of Hieroglyph (
Produced By Sam Butterfield

Cover art, inlay and graphic design by Radhika Ramdihal
Plagueship Logo by Gary Hocking
Rendering and logo photoshoppage by SG Mikaelsson



Another tyrant at the helm
Steering me to drown.
Swaggering beneath,
His self declared crown.

So sick of sailing,
aboard your ego trip.
It's time I left you,
Your abandoned ship.

Your delusions of grandeur,
Swirling like storm clouds.
Visions of your future,
In front of baying crowds.

My dreams ripe for harvest.
Siphoning away my soul.
Forever riding high,
On these ideas you stole.

You've never seen me as equal
Merely a cog in your stratagem
Always trapped in your shadow,
A thug, blocking out the light

Behind the weave of bullshit,
Lies, calculation and wrath.
Those who writhe beneath you,
Merely pawns to pave your path.

Veiled venomous words,
impacting on my shell.
Barely leaves a scratch,
yet puts me through hell.

Through the endless smooth talk,
condescension and wit.
Hollow token gestures,
Not worth their weight in shit.

So assumed of your power to manipulate, discipline,
A pompous ego surround you,
A fetid veil to stagnate within.

Immoral to the core.
Everyone yours to use.
Oblivious to the woman,
Whose trust you abuse.

The truth emerges,
like a corpse from the water.
A sight you never wanted us to see.

Salting my wounds with your words.
Stripping me of dignity,
You are all, you pretend to hate.
Your perfect image, Forever tarnished.

The monster beneath the mask,
Drenched in denial.
Smothering each sin,
In vitriol and bile.

Blaming and shaming.
Yet the failure is your own.
Done digging deeper.
My life my own.

I could have taken so much more,
Your goals, your love, your life!
I only took what was mine,
Barely penance for my strife.

Never your equal
Drowning in your ego trip
Left you at the helm
Of my abandoned ship.


released June 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Plagueship Leeds, UK

Progressive/Extreme Metal
Messing with guitars in bedrooms around Leeds est 2012

Heavy as a cruise ship; catchy as the plague.

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