Doubt & Discovery

from by Plagueship



Lyrics By Jonathan Byrne
Music By John Richardson

Mysterious Homicidal Forces - Belarim


Doubt and Discovery

On a balmy Autumn eve so this tale begins. Our protagonist, an everyday Joe named Tim.
Walking home through the park, dry leaves crunch beneath his feet. The sound creates a
distancing and so he starts to think. After 30 years of building he's now set for life;
a house in the suburbs, two kids, a loyal wife. An office job with prospects, climb the
ladder every day. Then home to eat, watch TV and shower before bed. This is all he'd
ever wanted, had aspired to achieve. So why, he asks, do I feel this mounting unease.
I'm a model of social sanity, the blueprint of sobriety, an ambassador for morality,
yet contentment still eludes...

So he thinks back to a happier time. Before social pressures had clouded his mind.
Playing each day with his best friend Belarim. Invisible to most, but not to him.
A partner in discovery till one fateful night his father sat him down and said:

'My son, what do you want from this life? Look at what surrounds you, how we live, all
I have achieved. I could be yours. If you give up on these fantasies. Work hard.
Contribute to a society that has given us so much!'

With this, Belarim fades away and Tim assumes a life of obedience to make his father
proud. Onwards he now stumbles, through the dew soaked grass. Head swirling, thoughts
fragmenting. He feels numb, distant. An anaesthetic penance for all that has befallen.
Suddenly, in the bushes ahead, he notices two gleaming eyes staring through him. His
pace quickens, breathing slows, as he heads straight for them.

With an exultant grin, out steps Belarim. 'I'm here for you' he coos to his
beleaguered Kin. Tim could barely believe that in his moment of need, his long lost
best friend had returned to him again. But elation turns to horror as he quickly
recoils. As if in mockery, someone had decayed his flesh, removed the skin.

He asks his friend, 'why the decay?'. He answers, 'years of neglect have left me
rotting away'. With a lucid clarity, newly attained, Tim views how all his choices have
kept him so constrained. His job, his wife and kids; to gain his fathers praise. And
so, Tim has a revelation; they can all be erased!

He feels elated, alive, suddenly driven by a new found purpose. All doubt is dispelled.
'This is me, what I always should have been', he proclaims out loud to a passing
squirrel. He turns and strides forward in the direction of home. Head up, chest out.
Resolute and ready to perform all necessary tasks.

He arrives home. Indignant contempt surges as he views all that he once held so dear.
Vested memories, now worthless. He must repent, sacrifice, re-flesh his only friend.

Blood streaked and panting, he again recoils in horror as his friends still fetid,
lip-less grin greets him. Belarim slowly fades, his voice resonating inside Tims head.
'You cannot re-flesh the past, only grow the future. Now enjoy what you've created.'

Jonathan Byrne ©


from Shrykull, released September 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Plagueship Leeds, UK

Progressive/Extreme Metal
Messing with guitars in bedrooms around Leeds est 2012

Heavy as a cruise ship; catchy as the plague.

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