Absence Of Divinity

from by Plagueship



I <3 Nihilism. Also, god's a bit of a knob isn't he?

Jonathan Byrne - Mouth noises
John Richardson - Time changes for the sake of time changes
SG Mikaelsson - Wizarding Powers
Sam Butterfield - Intensely sexual


Absence Of Divinity

This disgusting planet,
Awash with war, disease and starvation.
As our loving creator,
Shafts his creation.

Billions of Prayers
Go without reply
Worldwide suffering
Silence from the sky
Your omnipresent saviour
Is watching children die

There were no souls to save....
Divine hands did not wave.

Universe; Expansion
Creatorless; Creation

This bleak and harsh truth dawns
Our vast world...

There were no souls to save
Divine hands, did not wave

A being of infinite compassion,
programming plagues.
To cripple, disfigure and kill,
genetic faults and birth defects,
Yet you argue freewill?

This perfect planet,
Littered with barren lands,
Submerged under oceans,
Bone-dry desert sands.

The godless cosmos.
Extending beyond imagination,
Empty, bleak, meaningless,
Your loving lord's creation?

A dust cloud swirled
collapsed to it's core
With nuclear fusion

In all it's complexity,
devoid of divinity.

John Richardson/SG Mikaelsson/Plagueship ©


from Shrykull, released September 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Plagueship Leeds, UK

Progressive/Extreme Metal
Messing with guitars in bedrooms around Leeds est 2012

Heavy as a cruise ship; catchy as the plague.

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